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Remote control works ok then only some commands recognised

I have a Now TV 4500sk box. 


All was fine until recently when the unit kept randomly switching off. Unplugging the psu from the box and replacing it had no effect. Unplugging the psu from the mains and replacing it caused the box to power up and work OK. I traced this to a faulty psu which shut down after a period of time. Replaced psu and the random switching off is resolved. However, and this is the main problem.......


The remote control now operates fine for about 2 mins after switching the box on. Thereafter the box will not respond to the up/down/left/right and 'OK' button presses, all other buttons work fine. Pressing the home button and selecting watch Live reinstates this functionality for about 2 mins. Pressing any of the up/down/left/right and 'OK' buttons causes the blue light on the box to dim slightly, as it does for all other buttons which work normally, thus confirming the remote IR transmissions are being received 


I have:


Factory reset the box - doing this updates all software (to be expected)

Changed the remote control batteries

Reviewd all system settings

Confirmed no obstruction to Rx sensor


All to no avail.


I've also tried the Roku Remote control App and it exhibits the same behaviour, even to the point of the blue light on the box dimming as the commands are received over WiFi, the box simply does not react to the up/down/left/right and 'OK' commands, until I press the home button whereupon the up/down/left/right and 'OK' buttons again work for about 2mins.


Any ideas please?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


That sounds weird.


I know on the NOW Freeview Smart Box if you swapped inputs on the HDMI or lose the HDMI signal then after a period of exactly 2 minutes there is a countdown timer that pops on screen and you need to either click to either carry on or ignore where the box will go into the hibernation mode and either the screen goes blank or the screen saver kicks in (i can't remember to be honest because it's been a while since i fired up this model box).


No idea why you can't use the supplied remote or the Roku App remote after 2 minutes.


The only other quirk i can remember when using this type of NOW box is if you lost your infra red NOW Remote and used the Roku Remote App on a smartphone.


Then to wake up the box from hibernation mode, you either had to use a WOL App (Wake Up on Lan App) with the Roku App on your smartphone for example or alternatively unplug and replug the power feed to the NOW box to kick start it into life.


Sorry i couldn't help, where i am scratching my head on this one.