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Kids pass on xbox 360

Can someone please advise why my kids can't watch kids pass on the xbox 360? This is very frustrating as my eldest can get it on his new xbox one but my younger children can't on the 360!! Paying for a service 2 out of the 3 children can't use.
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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the kids pass isn't supported onXBox 360, YouView or LG BluRay players.

It is available on all other devices though, you can see a full list here in case there is something else your children have they can use to watch on

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@Anonymous User it never has been compatible. When the pass first came out Xbox customers were I believe offered a free box if they regularly watched the kids TV channels when they were included in the entertainment pass. I realise that this does not solve your problem. However can I recommend getting a box with pass from somewhere like Argos/Tesco or Amazon. You should be able to save money on passes and the box will be free.
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