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Tiered device limits

Status: Open
by johnny9999 on ‎04-11-2015 15:53 - last edited on ‎09-11-2015 11:10 by Tom-R

I know this topic has been discussed in the various hardware forums - but it's not specific to any brand of box, hence posting it in the Entertainment section.


The current limit is 4 devices (with 2 playing at once).


Want to give my kids access to entertainment (and possibly movies too), but the only option would be to buy extra subscriptions, so I'd end up with 2 entertainment subs and 2 movie subs.


This is too hard and expensive!


How about a 'tiered' option please, NOWTV?


So charge an extra £2 per month for the entertainment pass, and allow 8 devices (with 4 playing at once).


And similarly an extra £2 for the movies pass.


This is similar to what Netflix does.


I'd pay the extra.


Can we have this please?

Status: Open
by LandB
on ‎06-07-2016 08:48

I completely agree with @martinoxley


A hard limit on devices is a joke. Who cares how many places we have NowTV installed? What matters is how many of those devices are currently playing.  Until there's a stream, it shoudn't count.


In our house, we have 3 tablets, 2 phones, an Xbox, two laptops, a PC, Amazon Firestick and a Chromecast. 11 devices (10 of which are NowTV compatible). I installed NowTV on a new tablet and was hit with a limit when trying to stream it to Chromecast. They count as two separate devices - half of my limit!


And what's the logic for only allowing one change per month? If I kill a device, another should take its place immediately. I get that you're trying to prevent account sharing, but again, unless the service is actually streaming, who cares?


These kinds of archiac policies belong in the 90s.


Netflix do it far better. Adopt a Netflix approach.

by LandB
on ‎18-09-2016 18:24

No responses since July...


What's the point of an ideas board if none of this stuff escalates to 'working on it'.


You have the world's slowest programming team!

by Community Manager
on ‎23-01-2017 13:47
Status changed to: New
by DevonViewer
on ‎19-06-2017 08:47

I agree that a 4 device limit is crazy when all that matters is the number of streams in-use. I'd pay an optional extra to increase the number of devices I can install on.


I'm now thinking about kicking NowTV into touch and switching to Amazon/Netflix instead. 


Why penalize legitimate customers Sky?


by LandB
‎19-06-2017 10:37 - edited ‎19-06-2017 10:37

NowTV is a joke.


This thread is approaching its 2nd anniversary, and these limits are still in place.


I canceled NowTV over a year ago because of this (only jumped back here to see if they'd changed the policy after reading the latest note), and it's crazy to see there's been no movement.


Meanwhile, Prime and NetFlix have generous limits, amazing original content, and work out much cheaper.


Get your act together, or I can see a LOT of people jumping ship - like I did.

by martinoxley
on ‎19-06-2017 11:12
Thanks for the comment
I have left NOW tv as well you are right Netflix is Mitch better
I most likely won't bother going back
by Tucker61
on ‎23-07-2017 08:26
Great idea. Also agree you need to be able to make changes more than once per month.
by NOW TV Team Tony-D
on ‎23-07-2017 09:19
Status changed to: Open