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Tiered device limits

Status: Open
by johnny9999 on ‎04-11-2015 03:53 - last edited on ‎09-11-2015 11:10 by Tom-R

I know this topic has been discussed in the various hardware forums - but it's not specific to any brand of box, hence posting it in the Entertainment section.


The current limit is 4 devices (with 2 playing at once).


Want to give my kids access to entertainment (and possibly movies too), but the only option would be to buy extra subscriptions, so I'd end up with 2 entertainment subs and 2 movie subs.


This is too hard and expensive!


How about a 'tiered' option please, NOWTV?


So charge an extra £2 per month for the entertainment pass, and allow 8 devices (with 4 playing at once).


And similarly an extra £2 for the movies pass.


This is similar to what Netflix does.


I'd pay the extra.


Can we have this please?

Status: Open
by RichieHeed
on ‎15-04-2016 10:35
If you think the BT sport channels are going to stay free for much longer, you are living in cloud cuckoo land. You will be paying for them before the new football season kicks off.
by RichieHeed
on ‎15-04-2016 10:39
When it comes to channels nobody watches, AMC takes some beating, their viewing figures are pathetic. Think i will stick to watching sky Atlantic, living and one, not to mention fox (oops forgot BT just lost fox).
by Stan100
on ‎15-04-2016 10:39
Have you not noticed that you have to pay for all
The sports channels. So for the millions of people that only want to watch the Football on Sports 1 they have to pay for the whole package. I hope i have made it simple for you to understand as i do not wish to hear you babbling on and on
by RichieHeed
on ‎15-04-2016 10:47
Have you not noticed that you HAVE to have phone and broadband with BT to get their TV? I notice you avoided that before.
If you don't like NOW TV or sky that much why are bothering on one of their forums? Go on the BT one and post questions about when are BT going to get some decent channels.
by Stan100
on ‎15-04-2016 11:02
I agree their channels are just as crap as sky. My point is they do a free TV package
That you just add BT Sport and or Sky sports 1 or 2 or both. So you only pay
For exactly what you want.
I just think Sky should offer a choice of which sports channels you can have
Instead of having to buy all the sport channels.
by RichieHeed
on ‎16-04-2016 06:19
Different companies have different ways of doing things. Personally i am only bothered about watching my own team, so the NOW TV option of a day pass for sport is great if my team is only on once in a month.
Each to their own i guess.
by Stan100
on ‎16-04-2016 10:46
That's my point. You and millions of other people just want to watch sports 1
But have to pay for all the sports channels.
Why not have a day/ month pass for sports 1 only that way people don't pay
for sport they never watch
by Ghgfdfg
on ‎16-04-2016 08:09
The 4 device limit is just too low the tiered levels would be a much better way and I think you would make more as kids would open on extra devices,move with the times now tv
by 4268 Champion 4
on ‎22-04-2016 07:48
You can only get BT TV or indeed TalkTalk if your line speed is fast enough. Also on those you cannot get Sky Atlantic or ITV Encore. Catch up for the Sky channels is better on Now than Virgin. I don't know if it is better on BTTV. Sports can be cheaper elsewhere for monthly passes. Now however allows you just to watch for a day. A lot of people on here have Now in supplement to other TV services.
by Manxme
on ‎30-06-2016 09:17

Please add this as an option.

We have 4 children and often all 4 want to watch at the same time, if you then add in what we would like to watch then we are over the 4 devices 2 streaming tie in.


would much rather pay an extra £4 a month or so than have 2 subscriptions (as we do now as we got a very good offer on them, we wont be renewing both) Total devices we could use in our house is at least 17 not including the computers. would love to be able to add to the Ipads and mobiles for when we are traveling