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American horror story apocalypse ep 2 - sound keeps cutting out

Hi I'm trying to watch episode 2 of AHS Apocalypse on demand but the sound keeps cutting out every few seconds. I know thr problem is with this episode in particular as the sound works fine on everything I have watched including the previous episode. I've also tried watching it on a different device and have turned my now tv box off and on again to no avail. What should I do?

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Hi all, apologies for the delay in responding. 

Ive had a look at the below on Box and Stick and havent been able to pin point any audio issues- 

American Horror Story Apocalypse E2

The Wire S1E1

Walking dead S8 ep 16

Are the issues starting at any particular point, or from the beginning?


i started watching the wire sometime last week the first few episodes were ok but still with sound dips now and then, then on thursday  i think, it got really bad the sound would cut out and then come back in i get to episode 8  and its unwatchable especially after 20mins in the sound cuts out and then it comes back completely out of sync then its like that from there on out

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 issues for  too, 

Last ship, sick of it, American horror story, future man, etc

Problems on roku 2, roku stick and now tv box. Ipad is fine. 

Films seem to be OK, however haven't watched much of one to tell yet. 

Live chat said that I'll get an email when resolved, however no timescale has been given. 

Programs are starting to build up as cannot use the service at all. Please sort nowtv ASAP as we are all paying for something that you are not delivering. 

Been promised a free month for the inconvenience, however it doesn't help the situation right now. Might get netflix as they have not got these issues...