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Missing episodes ‘Gangs of London’ series 2

Anyone know how to get missing episodes?  Have watched episode 1 but only others showing are 4 and 8!

Legend 5
Legend 5


Go into the dedicated Sky Atlantic on Demand channel where there are three separate folders for Gangs of London and see if the missing episodes are on either one of the three separate folders.

See screen shots below.

It's a bit of a mess which NOW needs to clean up and combine all episodes in one folder.

Would also help if NOW added a title to each episode rather than saying Gangs of London 1,2,3 etc in my opinion.




Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Paul10 

All eight episodes of Season 2 should be found across the three separate folders that I have shown in the screen shots above.

Looking at Imdb there is eight episodes for Season 2 so hopefully they will play by picking up the episodes in the three different folders and looking at Imdb website there is no episode titles and they are only numbered by their corresponding episode number.

Hope you manage to find them under TV Shows, then Channels, then select Sky Atlantic and scroll down the thumbnails until you find all three folders.