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Are subtitles AI-generated?

I rely heavily on subtitles when watching tv as I'm hearing-impaired, but recently the english subtitles on now are just terrible. Many are completely omitted, every other is completely wrong. I couldn't make sense of the show we were watching (true detective season 3) until my partner told me that half of the subtitles were wrong. I don't understand how this could be happening unless NOW has started using AI-generated subtitles all of the sudden. Please consider your hearing-impaired and deaf audience!


I too have noticed that the subtitles on this programme in particular are unusable.  The subtitles are often not in synch with what is happening on screen.  I rely heavily on using subtitles for dramas in particular which have strong regional accents or background music, both of which can be a challenge to the hearing inpaired.

Looks like I've found a good reason to cancel my NOW TV subscription.


I was musing on what I could do to see if I could restore subtitles so I cleared the "cache" and "data" on my NOW TV app on my Google television.  I then uninstalled and reinstalled the App and to my amazement it now works!!!!!!   I have no idea why but I'm not questioning the miracle.