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Babylon Berlin Season 3 missing

Started watching season 3 of Babylon Berlin. The whole season now seems to have vanished from Now. Seasons 1,2 and 4 still available. What has happened?



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Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Moosha 

Also reported this morning by Sky customers on the Sky platform.

It could be due to that Sky / NOW don't have the broadcasting / streaming rights for Season 3 at the moment, another reason might be a glitch or another reason might be Sky / NOW are in the process of getting it returned or extending  Season 3 and are currently in negotiations with the Rights Holder to this TV show.

@ContentTeam can you look into this ?

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hi @schnapps @Moosha 

unfortunately we don't have an exact date for the return of season 3 as of yet


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Thank you