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5.1 Surround programs missing

Hi. I'm watching nowtv on a NowTV black box and roku 4k stick. They both have the same nowtv account and this account has Boost.

I lost 5.1 surround sound on all nowtv output on the Roku 4k stick but managed to get it back by doing factory reset on roku 4k stick.

I've noticed that if I choose a film from TV guide it is only playing in stereo and is listed as such on the TV guide.

I'm sure all films used to be in 5.1 surround sound.

Also alot of the live sport used to be in 5.1 surround but I'm watching live darts and live premier football and its only in stereo.

I can find programs listed as 5.1 surround in the guide and they do play in 5.1 surround, so it's not that it's not working...!

I just remember more 5.1 surround on more stuff....!


Anybody noticed the same... 

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Re: 5.1 Surround programs missing



Should your last sentence end 

……post elsewhere?


In which case, yes I have 😛

Line 3. Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out…..
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