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Missing programs. All our favourite box set programs have dissapeared from Alibi

and yet, when I asked where I could view Elementary, it said Now. Does anyone have an answer please because of course, there is no human available to discuss this with?!!

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Hi @JillD 

Are you missing for example Elementary TV show from Alibi on your Watchlist or Continue Watching section of the NOW App or is there episodes missing?

What playback devices have you tried?

Where Elementary is showing 7 seasons for me on my Android phone NOW App (see screen shot below).

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Hi @JillD 

If nothing comes up on your playback device search when using the NOW App for Elementary for example.

Then from the NOW App home screen click on TV shows very top line and when the screen refreshes go to the grid row for "Channels" then select Alibi.

Or try a different playback device with the NOW App such has a smart phone and Add the TV show in question to your My TV Watchlist, where it will then get ported across to all your playback devices.



So we can better help people with your issues in the future:-

What’s ‘it’? We have had a spate of people blaming Now for third parties giving misinformation about Now programmes, something that is quite out of Now’s control, and seems rather unfair.

BUT: Elementary is right there on Alibi - all 7 seasons, as large as life and twice as natural.

So what gave you the difficulty finding it? Did you use the Now Search, the little magnifying glass?  This can be iffy, and miss things, but as @schnapps has demonstrated, Elementary does come up in the Search, no problem.

Finally, you certainly can discuss it with a human, though equally certainly Now don’t make it easy to find the service, Live Chat::-

But some idea of the difficulties you encountered finding this series again would be very useful going forward,

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.