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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Resolved! Dexter

I’ve seen the info re Dexter moving to paramount but why have previous series been taken off availability now as it’s not February yet.We we’re into series 3 and it’s no longer showing.

Gormorrah Season 5 skips Episodes

I  'cast' Gormorrah from my Samsung Tablet to a Philips Smart TV. Following several minutes of buffering and flick backs to the full screen advert for Landscapers, I finally ,'locked' on to Season 5 Ep1. Having viewed it, I then selected Watch Next E...

5.1 Surround programs missing

Hi. I'm watching nowtv on a NowTV black box and roku 4k stick. They both have the same nowtv account and this account has Boost.I lost 5.1 surround sound on all nowtv output on the Roku 4k stick but managed to get it back by doing factory reset on ro...

Resolved! unable to find channels

I used to find all sky channels  on my sony tv after entertainment SKY atlantic -arts-history etc, this has now disappeared. I can find the channels on my laptop but not on my sony tv/now black box  I do not have an app for now on the tv.  Has this s...

Error in the player

Every time I go to watch a movie it doesn’t let me it comes up there’s an error in the player? I’ve tried everything restarting, factory reset. Signing in and out and the internet’s fine? Has anyone got an idea how to fix this. 


What’s with the ads?! Are you kidding me!!! This is a subscription streaming service. I’m cancelling if this doesn’t change. Ridiculous. Paying to see blasted ads in a subscription streaming service. Ridiculous. I’m cancelling if this continues.