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Existing user buying 'Movie Offer'

Hi I am an exisiting user, and I'm trying to buy the Movie Offer - 3 months movies for £9.99.  I sign into my account, click on the offer but I dont get the chance to actually 'click on the offer' to accept / buy it.  I get a message that says, ' just start watching'.  When I do try and watch it only gives the option to buy moveis at the reugular £9.99 per month and not the three month offer.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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It’ll be for newbies only. Best (and least risky) option is to buy gift vouchers (2 months for £15) available in most shops or seek a pass from elsewhere. 🙂
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Welcome to the forum. Yep that offer is for new customers signing up via the offer page only. Unfortunately you wouldn't be entitled to take that offer up.

NOW are looking for users to join their Customer Feedback Group and help improve the service. If you're interested read more here and sign up.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User pop on to chat and ask them what they can offer you. Chances are you will be offered something.
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