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Just wondering if anyone else has this problem I’ve got the new stick. But it won’t play 2nd movie channel on watch live or 1st and 3rd sports channel. Quite frustrating as it plays on older boxes. Any ideas am quite me to this thanks in advance.

You view box

Started free movie pass - it's worked for 3 days watched a few movies with no problems now the pre loaded now tv app won't open - any ideas ? Have tried switching off over night and trying again

Resolved! Movies

On sky cinema both Paddington & daddys home are both now available but they havent been added to now yet.why when now uses sky cinema?? Kinda puts the question in my head whats the point in having a cinema pass on now.any ideas

Sky Now streaming is awful

As the title states. I bought a 4k TV recently and have been trying different streaming services, Sky Now being one of them, one of the worst in fact.I TRIED to watch Captain America: Civil War last night, the film is approx 2 and a half hours long, ...

Resolved! Question about the Movies pass

When a film premiers on Sky Cinema ( Hurricane Heist april 6th ) will it be on demand the following day ? thanks

No content available

Hi,A lot of the categories on the cinema pass are showing nothing and just saying 'no content available'. Internet connection is fine. Any suggestions?

Buffering poor picture

Hi to everyone on hereFor the last week I’ve been suffering really bad buffering and picture quality.I have tried restarting the now tv box (small black roku unit) turned it off etc.. fibre broadband is running at over 100mps so cant see the problem ...

Friday The 13th (Part One)

Hi,Why isn't the very first Friday The 13th film not listed -- I don't mean the 2009 remake?I can't watch the others that are listed until I've seen the first one. Quite puzzling.TIAStephen

not working

I can not watche now tv on my roku is not working can i  swap for my now tv device 4500sk