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Sky Oscars Channel



Just noticed reading a TV guide magazine that there is a channel called this.


How comes now tv customer's don't receive this? 

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@Anonymous User it's part of the movie pass and is already available. See image below (when logged into the community).





Anonymous User
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I haven't got that on my app.  Weird 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Sometimes it takes a few days for the live Sky Cinema name to be updated on certain device platforms, i have seen this happen before when NOW have had the Sky Cinema Oscars channel previously on years gone by and are still using the name on the Sky Cinema Channel before the change for the Oscars showing period.


You could try a power reboot on your playback device and Router to see if that updates the Cinema name.


Or just use the second row down on the NOW live TV Guide where my guess NOW are still using Sky Cinema Select.


Or just find the live NOW TV section of your playback device NOW App where Sky Cinema Oscars is currently showing the movie Judy then at around 11.40am is The Top Ten Show Oscars.