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Recommend a movie on Now TV

If there is a movie on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending.

DarylM by Legend 5
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Fast and furious

I bought movies to watch all fast and furious films. Have they all been taken off? 

Help Please new to Now

I am watching a film on sky cinema with the subtitles on, iam watching on a Samsung smart tv, after 1 hour 40 minutes, the subtitles go off this applies to all films with sublitles, If I close the Now app  and then go back in and restart the film fro...


Why has cosmic Sin have 4 stars it is such a bad movie. Bruce Willis did get paid over 2 million for a day's work.I watched about 10minutes which was so boring from a non actor who apparently wrote this awful story. Even Wikipedia has a bad review on...

Oscars 2021

Do we know if the Full Oscars ceremony will be available on Catch Up? I have Cinema membership but want to watch the full ceremony (not highlights) on Monday evening. Thanks


Hi so I have been waiting to watch the Oscars for months and live in the uk so wondered if the ceremony will stay on now tv for a week or so as I don’t know if I can’t stay up til 4am

Oscar 2021 Ceremony

My NowTV subscription says “I can watch until April 26”Will I be able to watch the Live Oscars Ceremony on Sky Cinema which starts 12am on 26 April?Thanks

Resolved! Cinema

Hello, I started a free trial with you last week for a Cinema membership, the payments have gone out of my account which is fine but it's now saying I don't have a membership, why is it doing this when I've paid?

Sky Oscars Channel

Hi Just noticed reading a TV guide magazine that there is a channel called this. How comes now tv customer's don't receive this? 

February Movie premieres - pretty underwhelming suppose it is inevitable given so little has been released since March 2020, but with my subscription ending in mid-February, probably a good time to stop.February 2021Fe...

April 2021 movie premieres 26 – Six Minutes to MidnightMarch 27 – The Lost HusbandMarch 28 – The FurnaceMarch 29 – The RacerMarch 30 – SeizedMarch 31 – Eternal BeautyApril 1 – The Blackout: In...