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AppleTV 3rd gen, Elementary S2 Ep7 'The Marchioness'. "Permission denied".



We are making our way through Elementary on AppleTV 3rd gen, and have reached S2 Ep7 'The Marchioness'.


Trying to play this immediately displays the following message:

"Permission denied

Sorry the video you have requested is unavailable for this channel"


It will however play on the iPad.


Any chance that this could be looked into and fixed so we can watch it on the telly?



Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch with us. I'm sorry to hear you're missing out on Elementary.


We've raised this to our Content Boffins and they're using their great detective skills to get this looked at.


Please do keep an eye out for updates.


We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.






Anonymous User
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Hi, Is this still an issue as I have just had the same problem on AppleTv 4 Season 2 Episode 2??

Anonymous User
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Hi Mark_C


This isn't an issue for me any more.

I tried it a few minutes ago and it works, but I do know that until very late last week it still wasn't working so I don't know when it was actually fixed.


Season 2 Ep 2 is also playing for me, but I have an AppleTv 3 (You would hope that wouldn't make any difference, wouldn't you). Hope you get your problem fixed.


Sorry I didn't reply to you earlier, Gmail thinks emails from this forum are spam so I didn't see it until just now!


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Hi there, just a quick question, so the NOW TV app is on Apple TV 3? I want to buy one n minimise the amount of junk round my TV but I asked somebody on eBay if the Apple TV 3 they were selling had it and they told me no 😕 help!


Anonymous User
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Hello Justin,


Yes, NowTV is available on the Apple TV 3rd gen. It's a bit limited as don't get an app store or anything like that, just the built in channels/services that Apple have provided/sanctioned, so while NowTV is available stuff like BBC iPlayer isn't.


The icons can be hidden from the main screen, so maybe the seller on ebay had turned it off because they don't use the service.

I had done the same thing for a long time, hidden the icon because I had no subscription at the time, and when I did get NowTV I used the NowTV box. It was my cousin who told me that it was available for AppleTV when I was complaining about the old UI on the NowTV box. I didn't believe her at first, but I checked the available channels and there it was. Turned it on, logged in and voila.

Anonymous User
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That's amazingly helpful and I really do appreciate all your help and advice! Think I might stick it out a bit longer and save the Apple TV 4.

Thank you again 🙂