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Time & date

How do I change the time setting? When I look at the list of live channels it's showing a complete different time to what I am? I live in jersey, so when it is 9pm it's showing that all the channels are 4/5am so only programmes I can view are teleshoping. Can anyone help? 


@Anonymous User


Hi E


Computerised equipment that keep time regularly check with a default Internet Time Server, e.g. Windows Operating Systems get their times from the Time Server run by Microsoft (  However, this can be easily changed (configured) to use any Internet Time Server you may care to choose, e.g. the time servers run by the National Physical Laboratory at Teddington, i.e. ( and/or (


Therefore, you must find out who runs the Internet Time Server for Jersey and get it's "host name", then add that "name" to your computer clocks as the default Time Server. 


Hope this helps



UK Bob