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Taking money without permission

NOWTV have been taking money for my Sky Cinema Pass since October without an account reference they can find for it , when I have a FREE offer until September.

They now tell me me they can't find an account reference , with my details, that is requesting the money, but it keeps coming out of my bank account. I have changed the payment card to my wife's bank to check if it was a bank problem, but the payment was taken again by NOWTV , so the problem lies with them ,not my bank, even though tell me to check with my bank.

i have had the payments refunded up until April, but now, after many many ping pong emails they say it's my banks fault and are not refunding me the money even though it shows as paid to NOWTV on my bank accounts and my online payment record on the website.

i have Sky Cinema on a FREE offer until September and that is also getting processed.

it is ridiculous that I cannot speak to anyone online or by phone about this to resolve it.

This is company is a joke and needs to get its act together. Every month I get told it has been resolved, but it hasn't and they keep taking the £11.99 payment.....ggggrrrrrr

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Scholar 3

Was it really necessary to post the same thing three times in a community forum.


Now TV customers who come on here to try and assist people with problems are more than able to understand an issue by reading a post once.




@nowswaish  @Anonymous User 


Yeah Now


I agree with you but, as you can see, KW's been blowing up the forum because he is very angry, don't know if that'll get him any help though.


He'll just have to wait until a member of the Now TV team passes this way, no idea when that will be.



UK Bob