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Charged after I cancel my account and now cannot contact NowTV during COVID-19

I have canceled my account in Oct 19. 


I realized now that since January 2020, NowTV has been systematically charging me £6.99 at random dates of the month. In April I was charged this on 2nd of April and the 20th of April.


Has this happened to anyone? Really beating myself up because I should have tried to resolve this before lockdown - does anyone know if there is any way of contacting NowTV during this time? 


Thank you for any help you can give me!

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@Anonymous User 

There are a couple of things, another account could have been created using the same payment details. 

You can confirm using this link. 


If there is only the 1 account, you can check to see recent payments by


You can also try filling this form out, but its not a guarantee.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Exact same thing is happening to me now and there is absolutely no way to resolve this. All the methods and links people send my way are useless. For the time being it looks like we have to let the payments come out....

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I am trying to contact my bank to stop at least the future direct debits (not been successful yet) and then try and came to the money that was wrongly taken from my account back from NowTV... But yes the links are not useful, it just says that my card details are not associated with an account and my account is not activated... I have put in a complaint but like you said we just have to wait.