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Request form not working and live chat not helpful

I need to query a payment but the request form is not working and all i get is a robot on live chat that is useless and not pointing me in the right direction. Do you have an [email removed] address for them ?

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Request form not working and live chat not helpful

Hi @Noritobli 


I am assuming you are referring to " Incorrect Payment " request form you have completed and is not working when you attempt to send it ?


Link for 'Incorrect Payment Form" below. 


If so, have you tried using a different internet browser with it's adblocking software switched off or using your browser in a Private Window or Incognito mode when you send the form ?


Also the live Bot pop up in the Help section on the website is not actually live chat and just an automatic virtual assistance aid to direct you to the relevant help articles on their website.


To reach live chat open the link page below, click on the small green arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch, which will bring up the live chat button. 

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