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Now collecting payments for cancelled account.


I cancelled my Now broadband and call service approx 10 months ago. I see on my bank account that Now continue to take payments.


Having spoken to an adviser at the time last year I was assured the account would be closed within the 4 week window I had requested.


I went with Virgin who are appalling. Fibre optic but drops out between 5 and 40 times a day. Working from home now totally unreliable.


The only reason I changed from Now was our area signal is poor. I'm thinking of returning to Now but now really annoyed to see despite reassurances about cancellation, "being taken care of" the charges have continued.


I wanted to speak quickly about this and don't have an hour to be scrolling through and registering for forums!!! Please can a Now employee advise? Thanks! 

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Legend 5

Hi @Kstar 


The NOW Community Forum is predominantly customers helping out fellow customers and won't be able to help with regards to account related matters (especially refunds).


To get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team, use one of the communication methods in this link page below.


Hope you get some sort of resolution. 


Thanks, this is really helpful. K