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Membership I didn’t sign up for

I have not been a user of NowTV for 3 years. I suddenly receive an email that I have signed up for a cinema membership via amazon for £9.99 per month. I try and contact NowTv who were utterly useless not able to give me any information just telling me to contact Amazon. I could see no record of this membership on Amazon but I call them anyway as advised and they were hugely helpful but were not able to locate this either. I went back to Now TV who were somehow more useless than the first time and said there was nothing they could do. I’ve had to delete my Amazon account and have blocked all my payment cards & deleted all cards linked to my PayPal in an effort to fix this. Now Tv will not help with anything , they won’t help remove my personal details or closing my account you just get the same standard answer by the live chat. Looking at this forum it has happened to many others before something needs to be done 

Scholar 2

Hi @Steph 

It’s not a good idea to post the same issue in multiple threads as the advice you receive might not be as useful with details spread across two threads.

For you to have been billed for NOW via Amazon the membership must have been taken out on an Amazon device logged in to your Amazon account and 1-click payment must have been enabled on that Amazon account. The subscription itself has nothing to do with Amazon they simply manage the payment side if you choose this payment method. This payment will be visible in your Amazon purchase history, have you checked to see if it is there, and if so when exactly it was purchased? Could someone else with access to the device have purchased it by mistake?

If it isn’t in your purchase history have you confirmed your card has actually been charged? If no charge has been taken the email could simply have been a phishing email and not genuine?

What happens when you log into your NOW account and click the cancel membership button beneath the Cinema membership?

Scholar 2

Seems I was mistaken in my previous post as it looks like you do manage memberships purchased though Amazon via Amazon. Every day's a school day.