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Changing payment amount

On Wednesday 31st August, I had an email stating NOW tv was extending my membership at the current rate £16.99 for another 4 months and I didn’t need to do anything. 
Less than a week later, on 6th September, NOW tv took £33.99 out of my bank account.

Because, it’s a TV query (not Broadband) I cannot speak to anyone.

What is going on? Is this an example of 2 departments not speaking to each other? When do I get my money back?

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You can contact the TV team by using the Chat online button near the top of the page here

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@Anonymous User 

Sounds like you have a duplicate account if the 2 payments are for sports. Check this link to check for other accounts. Then use the method provided by @redchiz1 to speak with staff.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help