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Ads are getting insane.

Honestly I just want to talk about how insane this is becoming.
I'm watching a 45 minute episode and have 6 UNSKIPPABLE 25-40 second adverts, that's not even including the 1:08 advert BEFORE it begins, it is absolutely unacceptable, I pay for a subscription service so I don't have to deal with ads similar to television, no other subscription service I pay for has this, why is this a thing and why does it feel like milking the current subscribers.
This needs to end or I'm likely going to cancel my subscription to this service, is anyone else feeling the same or is it just me?

Legend 5
Legend 5


It isn’t going to end, not a chance in hell. As much as we can’t stand them, they are here to stay. 

Netflix has an ad tier.
Disney+ is launching theirs at the end of the year.
Discovery+ doesn’t even have an ad free tier!

If you don’t want ads like me all you can do is take out boost.

FYI play the cancel game with boost and you’ll no doubt get a reduced rate. Which is how I am paying £2 a month for it.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help