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So many audio bugs in the current LG NowTV app

In addition to the subtitles bug detailed in another post, I'm now getting audio drop outs (intermittent, complete loss of audio tracks for up to 6 or 7 seconds at a time) that have got so bad it has made viewing NowTV impossible for some shows (Last Ship, Elementary).

An additional bug that I saw for the first time earlier was a show being launched in the app but only the audio plays while the screen simply has a blue screen with spinning loading icon. Hitting back on the remote takes you back to the main menu but the audio track continues to play in the background! The only thing that stopped this was to launch another app, Netflix, and then return to NowTV.

I am seriously hoping for a new version of the LG app soon as this one is riddled with bugs. BTW, not a bandwidth issue (I'm on an 78mbps connection).


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Re: So many audio bugs in the current LG NowTV app

I’ve also experienced this today. I’ve logged out, turned off the tv, reset the hub and still getting intermittent drop outs of sound.


hope they get things sorted soon otherwise it will result in a cancellation 


Re: So many audio bugs in the current LG NowTV app

Same issues here plus picture quality has definitely dropped on live channels (well Sports anyway), plus I am seeing artifacts and colour blurring.

I expect incremental increases in quality and features but the app has 100% gone backwards in terms of picture and sound quality!

Only 10 days left on my Sports pass and I am considering other options, none of which involve paying you or your parent company. Smiley Wink

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