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Set top box stopped working

Box stopped working with message saying no internet connection.  reconnected to net but then had to enter 6-digit TV code but this has failed due to a 'problem' though what this is it doesn't say.  Have tried resetting and reconnecting several times with no success.

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Legend 5

Hi @AlanH 

I am assuming you are using a NOW branded box if you are seeing the six digit activation code.

Are you using the box over Ethernet or WiFi?

If using WiFi maybe try a different WiFi channel on your Router.

Also to see if there is nothing blocking the NOW box with your Router and if you have mobile internet data has a quick temporary test use the mobile internet data on your phone has a WiFi hotspot to see if you can get past the error message.

Also if you are struggling on the NOW website by entering the six digit code, make sure you are not using a VPN and you are not automatically sent to the wrong region for example redirected to NOW Ireland by your browser.

Also try a different internet browser or another internet device when entering the six digit code on the NOW website.