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Using NowTv website

For the past few days I've had trouble trying to sign in. Every time I tried there came a message saying "Unable to connect to sign in, please try again later".

After a while of trying on different web browsers and getting the same problem I found out it's because my internet is NAT Type 3. Only worked it out because I tried connected to my mobile hot spot which is NAT Type 2 (Which isn't ideal as I have very limited hot spot data and low connection strength).

After signing in, I switched back to my normal internet, but now on every page I try I get the message "Something went wrong. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again later" (Which I don't get when using my mobile hot spot) It's ridiculous.

Why is this an issue all of a sudden as before it was fine. Now I want to join back up to watch certain shows (mainly The Rookie) I come to this problem.

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@Anonymous User First check to see if uPnP is enabled on your router. If that doesn’t fix your problem, have a read of this article: Change your NAT type The article is about PS4 NAT problems, but might still be of some use.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Sounds to me there is a conflict or something blocking NOW on your Router if you can access NOW using your mobile data with a wifi hotspot.


Are you using any VPN service on your Router and if so try setting it to the UK or switch it off.


Should you be running any third party software on your Router, try temporary disabling it to see you can gain access to NOW.


Also your Router may have acquired an IP address outside the UK, maybe try unplugging the power to your Router for about 20 minutes to see if that makes any difference.


You could also try typing the error message in the Community Forum search box to see if anybody has found a solution.


Should you be still getting nowhere, then see if NOW live chat can assist further (use the green chat online button on this link page below).