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Is Now TV moving support away from Internet Explorer?

I've always used IE for Now Tv without issue in the past. I'm presently using Win 10 Pro 1909  that's fully updated. I use the Now TV app from Now Tv for viewing


For the first time last night when I click on the menu at the top left of the page and select movies or entertainment I am greeted with a blank page. The same happens if I click on My TV at the top right of the page in the forum. If I open the same page using Microsoft Edge (tools>open with Microsoft Edge when in IE) the page opens normally. This issue still persists today.


So my question is, why is this happening now and is it by design?

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Re: Is Now TV moving support away from Internet Explorer?



Hey B


Now TV are not the only Internet facing company moving away (abandoning) older, though still usable, software and they will usually say it's to do with security or some other reason, real or imagined.


Personally, I think it's to get computer users to upgrade their IT Kit whether we want to or not.


UK Bob


PS. I was recently told in order to keep using a certain company's service I would have to upgrade my Kit, i.e. buy a laptop.


PPS.  The IT industry has to keep churning.


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