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free movie pass and 'we're having trouble with vouchers right now'

I got a 2 month pass from the Snatch app but as usual when trying to apply anything like this I constantly get the error message 'we're having trouble with vouchers right now'.


I'm aware of all the alternatives to get around this but I can't submit a voucher through the passes page because I just cancelled the previous one before full price charging comes into effect and it doesn't give me the option to submit another voucher code.


Have tried to send a message about it through the system but when I submit it I get the 'oops something went wrong' error message, as usual. Live chat is a waste of time, sit for ages without getting connected to anyone.


I've tried using various browsers, pc's and tablet combo's and always get the same errors. Can someone from NOW sort this out for me? Honestly, the system seems designed to make doing anything as difficult as possible. I'm fairly new to NOWTV and rapidly becoming disillusioned with it.


While I'm here I have a query about my previous pass also. I applied it on the 12th Dec. my billing date is the 22nd of each month. It expires tomorrow, which is three weeks short of 2 months from the start date. Is that just a date the system throws out because of the billing date or do I actually lose access tomorrow, because that's not 2 months. It wasn't a free pass, but at a reduced rate so I don't get why I wouldn't have a full 2 months from date of application. Perhaps someone can let me know how this works?

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