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Buying a second now tv stick and using the vouchers/passes

Hello. If I were to buy another now tv stick for another room, and it came with 1 month free passes, would I be able to add this onto my main account again and use it across both the sticks? Also, is there a limit on how many times you can do this? Thank you. 

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Re: Buying a second now tv stick and using the vouchers/passes

Hi @Rizwan 


No problem buying a second or third stick for other televisions in your home.


When you setup the stick make sure you use your existing nowtv account details, where the pass bundled with the new stick will be added to your account.


if your have an existing pass on your account that has 30 days or less then the new voucher of the same type will automatically kick in on your next due payment date.


Should you be on an existing offer with more than 30 days remaining, then the voucher off the stick will be saved on your account which you can redeem the voucher at a later date of your choice.


Personally i wouldn't go mad buying sticks just for the vouchers off them (you can if you wish, where i have seen some people stack 3 or 4 sticks on their account at a time) where you will find cheaper deals from NowTV Gift Cards or promotional voucher codes.


Unless you want the grief and hassle selling on the sticks after you used the voucher codes off them and if this is your plan, make sure after the voucher has been automatically added to your account that you factory reset the sticks to remove any trace of your account details.