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network set up

first off hello everyone, iv got a question for anyone that can help.


iv got a Asus rt-ac87u coming got it for quite a good price 🙂


at the moment im running a hub 2 with a net gear switch, has anyone setup the hub2 as a modem only as would like to use the asus router to look after all the firewall, dns and all that so at least if i have any problems [voucher code removed] can still run line tests and that, or is there a modem people would recomend to use insted of the hub2 i have also got a bt home hub 5 (with openwrt) if that would work any better.


thanks for any advice any one can offer


@Anonymous User 





Unless someone with the specialist knowledge you need passes by and see your post then you're just "plum" out of luck.


I would suggest you contact ASUS directly and ask for their help.



UK Bob