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I am having an issue setting up my now tv stick, it keeps coming up saying connection dropped please does anyone have any advice thank you 


   Hi I brought a now tv box a month ago I did not click on any passes just wondering why you have taken £11.99 and £9.99 out of my account this month please? I can’t afford it did not watch any entertainment or movies as I have Netflix please can yo...

Resolved! Don’t know router username and password

Hi guys What’s the router  username and password for I need to jus sign in and I can’t before I can change networks nameor password or anything I need to manage the router because I said before I got people using it I stilldont k...

NowTV Player Not Working

Hello, Since the 26th September I've been  having a problem with the NowTV player. At the moment when I click to watch something the NowTV player loads up for a few seconds and then disappears. For a few days prior to this when I was watching somethi...

Resolved! Broadbands speeds on devices

Hey! So we have multiple devices connected to the NowTV broadband hub. When I go to I am finding some are getting 71Mbps and others (who are sitting Next to one another) are getting >1Mbps and there is noticeable slow speed Trying to lo...


I noticed that a payment wasn't take in October or November despite funds always being present. I get an email saying when if I don't pay you'll cancel However, when I login, I noticed it says I've paid on the 15th.  Very confused as to what's going ...

Taking payment without consent

Can Anyone help, one my bill last month was x3 the actual monthly price and had to pay it from a friends card as I was awaiting a new bank opening, now tv have no took it upon there selfs to take money from my friends account without permission? and ...