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Resolved! Wireless router

Does anyone know if there is a wireless router I can get? I am a current customer but I have to move to a caravan with no phone line so need a wireless router 

Lee8 by Advocate
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Sky Sports HD channels missing

I had Now sky sports + boost until May this year - I cancelled at the end of the premier league season. At the time there were all the sky sports HD channels available. I’ve just renewed my sky sports and boost membership and the HD sports channels h...

JamesL by Advocate
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Resolved! Now tv box lagging

Hello, I'm having trouble with all apps on my now tv box. everything seems to be lagging, when the people are talking it doesn't match with th sound of words. If that makes any sense. on now TV movies it works perfectly but on all the apps I just end...

Landline not working

I have been trying to contact now regarding my landline,  have tried all telephone numbers and there is nothing regarding phone lines. Have sent emails to complaint department but yet nobody wants to get back. So frustrating. Where is customer servic...

Sheila by Mentor
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Resolved! SA vs ARG audio issues

SA vs Argentina rugby broadcast is copy/unclear. This is the same on my the and my phone. All other sports channels are fine. cant find any support online from now TV so here I am on a community page! any ideas that would help? Already tried resettin...

Now tv lip sync is out

Omg my hubby and I are being driven mad by the lip sync on EVERYTHING we are watching. I pay a lot of money for this on top of normal tv and have put up with it for a few days now and it is getting worse. Please fix this immediately or contact me ASA...

Using nowtv hub 2 router outside UK

I moved out UK and I am trying to use my nowtv hub 2 router, I am finding difficulties in adding new VCI and VPI values to the router settings. Can anyone help me on this? If not does this mean that I can not use the router outside UK? Thank you 

Amas by Advocate
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New Now app discussion thread

The new app on Roku has been live for about 24 hours so a chance for users to give some feedback, hints and tips or highlight things that aren't obvious.Positives for me;Navigating the app is much quicker and the remote seems more responsive.The time...