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What is the Device's Name?

Dear Forum Members I have, what may seem, a silly question to ask but before I do I would just like to explain what I am getting at. If I wanted a modem, a freeview box, a tablet or even a smart phone then all who are reading this post would know wha...

ukbobboy by Legend
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Churn rates

A "churn rate" is the percentage of users of a service who will cancel their subscription in a given period (usually annually).  These leavers will usually be replaced by new customers - so a churn rate of 10% doesn't mean that the overall subscriber...

DarylM by Legend 5
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Resolved! Opinions on Roku

Hi all, I saw the Roku devices in the Argos catalogue and am thinking of getting one. Does anyone who owns one have any Pro's and Con's about the device? Argos have a tempting deal on the Roku 3 so I'd like some opinions.  

Talk Talk - Router Wireless Help Please

Hi folks, don't know if anyone can help.  Just moved from Sky Fibre 40/10 to Talk Talk large (80/20) with the 633 superhub.  On all devices connected to 2.4GHz wireless the download is abysmal (16MB) but upload is fine.  Sky Hub worked perfectly, tri...

Set Top Boxes Market Share

This BBC News report on Apple TV is interesting. I was particularly fascinated by the market share for set top boxes (from last year). Apple: 40.6%Google: 34.1%Roku: 13%Amazon: 8%Others: 4.3% I assume this is UK, but it might be global (or US).  Also...

DarylM by Legend 5
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Getting Fed Up with Now Tv (my review)

Now tv has its own problems from not letting you sign in only to find that they have banned your ip address, too showing stupid films that you dont really want to watch. Ive been a member of now tv for 6 months and have come across a fair few problem...

Resolved! V/H/S memories

Since this is an off topic board I hope this is allowed. Does anyone here have any special memories of V/H/S? I recently found my old disney V/H/S collection and memories of when I was a kid came flooding back 

Resolved! Buying A New TV - Advice

Hi,  I've decided to buy a new TV.  I've narrrowed it down to a Samsung or LG.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Cheers @Anonymous User

About time mods followed the rules

Contributors follow the rules, and try to supply new ideas according to those rules, but Tom-r decides he will not follow those rules, and instead chooses to deliberately understand forum rules or posts (obviously he cannot read English).. Deletes th...