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Anyone else having very poor service re broadband going live .Mine should have gone live 31st march heard nothing off them. Old internet has of course gone off so stuck no TV etc at moment. Called them everyday but after two hrs it cuts off an also f...

Going live

My previous supplier has stopped my service and I haven’t gone live with Now Tv Can’t get hold of anyone 

Account Closed and still being billed

Morning All,  couldn't find the best place to stick this query soooo... Anyway, cancelled my subscriptions in November as I was changing broadband provider.  Had what I assumed was a final bill of £6.00 ish and thought nothing off it until today as i...

Resolved! Prime and Disney+

I can see this has been asked in the past, but things may have changed. Can you get amazon prime video and Disney+ on a NOWTV box? Both available on SkyQ.My box is a 4500SK.  Thanks.  

Cancel now tv

I want to cancel my now tv I keep getting charged after I’ve deleted all passes 

Payment card not saving

Hi, I have just returned to using Nowtv, I have been trying to update card but it will not save. I have tried adding the extra 0 on address and using manual address input but still unable to save card. i get on to payment card, update my details, the...

Issues changing WiFi password

im trying to change my WiFi password. It’s keep asking for user name and password, I’m using my now tv login, the WiFi password. I don’t know what it wants me to enter  

Broken device

My stick and or charger are not working and i am still paying for it,  what do i do??