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Elite 3

No new Now device or profiles

Link to an interview with Sky's chief product officer.


Incredibly, no plans for personal profiles because it adds an extra click on entering "the experience"!


Seriously? The latest update has added extra clicks all over the place to get to content and they're worried about an extra click for user profiles? 


I think Fraser Sterling needs to actually get into the world and speak to the users!

Legend 5
Legend 5


Yeah I did notice that too. 


The ability to have profiles in the experience when you get to that 12 foot zone for something like streaming, we understand the importance of that. But, we want to make sure that we get all the underlying personalisation elements sorted first


Personally I couldn't care how many "clicks" it takes me to get into NOW as long as I don't have my watchlist filled with nonsense it could be 1 to 10 clicks!

It's simple, give us profiles then send out a survey to see how we like it.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Boost doesn’t even provide 5.1 sound on the tv 4K at the moment!

So I’d prefer them to sort THAT out before heading of into la-la-land with promises of 4K & Dolby Atmos…