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Live TV channels disappearing

Hi guys

My now tv box is the more expensive one that has live tv channels, live pause etc. It no longer shows some channels - at the moment I can only get bbc one and 2 out of the main uk channels. I’ve tries retuning but this happens again and again. Any ideas??
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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Live TV channels disappearing

Hi @Ambebe80 


Firstly use these two linked websites below to check there is no scheduled maintenance or current issues related to the main TV transmitters or TV relays in your regional area.



Then if everything looks fine, try disconnecting the main TV aerial from the back of your NowTV smart box and connect the aerial directly into the back of your television.


Then re scan the TV channels on your television inbuilt Freeview tuner to see if all the TV stations appear.


This will  hopefully prove that the TV aerial and associated aerial wiring is not the cause.


Then re connect the TV aerial again to the rear of your NowTV box and go into the box menu settings and undertake a further re scan of the TV channels.


If no luck, then the only other thing i would try is go into the NowTV box menu under Advanced System Settings and Factory reset your box.


Once you factory reset the box you will have to setup the box again from scratch including a fresh TV channel retune.

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