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Hi. I am writing to express annoyance and grief for having to enter a PIN during live tv. I am aware you have stated that turning the PIN settings off doesn't effect live tv channels, and you will still need to input a PIN on these live channels. But that's exactly what's irritating. I just want to leave these live channels on without having to walk into the living room and inputting a PIN. I enjoy the aesthetic of live tv HEAVILY, and I feel plugging PIN inputs during live broadcasts is irritating, and ruins that luxury vibe of having live tv on in the background. I would be EVER so grateful if you could make the live tv PIN settings optional too. A LOT of people would prefer it. Thanks. 🙂

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Hi @Anonymous User 

It is a requirement laid down by OFCOM and if a live TV channel shows content that is not suitable for a person under the age 18 between the hours of 5.30am to 9pm (may have changed to 10pm since March) then a Pin is required.

NOW wouldn't have any control or say on this matter.

There is more information on the OFCOM'S website.

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@Anonymous User If having to enter a PIN bothers you that much, and as @schnapps has pointed out, it’s a requirement, then use 1111 as the PIN. The “1” is pre-selected so you only have to press enter/ok rapidly four times. It shouldn’t take more than a tenth of a second to perform that action.