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NOW broadband and Tv but no tv stick or box. I was not aware

I have cancelled Sky and moved to Now broadband and cinema package. No one said I needed to but a box or stick and now I am unable to find any- can anyone tell me where I can purchase one. I am paying for a service and unable to watch till I have box/stick. Thanks

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The only hardware NOW provide with their Broadband service is the NOW Hub 2 Router.

You will need to provide your own streaming devices when using the NOW streaming TV service.

See if you have any suitable playback devices from this link article below. 

The NOW boxes and NOW Stick was discontinued about a year or so back.

If you haven't got anything suitable from the list on the link above, then look at Roku streamers or an Amazon Fire Stick from places like Amazon, EBay, Argos, Currys etc.


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I own both Roku and Fire TCV (stick) my personal preference is Roku due to the uncluttered no nonsense UI .

 However thats a personal preference.

 One thing i would strongly advise is that you avoid the low end products, be that the "lite" versions of the firesticks, or the Express versions of roku , it may cost a little more but the outlay is worth it