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Differences between Now TV boxes

I was looking on CEX for a cheap second hand Now TV box for a spare TV. They listed:

NOW TV Box 2013 (2400SK), C £5 (white)
NOW TV Box 2013 (2400SK), B £6 (white)
NOW TV Box 2013 (2400SK), A £8 (black)
NOW TV Box (4201UK), C £8 (black)
NOW TV Box 2016 (4200SK), C £8 (black)
NOW TV Box (4201UK), A £10 (black)
NOW TV Box (4201UK), B £10 (black)
NOW TV Box 2016 (4200SK), B £10 (black)
NOW TV Box 2016 (4200SK), A £12 (black)


I assume the white models are quite old? Regarding the black ones, does it matter which I get and which is the newest?

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Re: Differences between Now TV boxes

Hi @Vinster11569 


Don't bother with the white nowtv box, where they are now outdated, struggle with the newer Apps and don't even have all the Apps on them compared to the black nowtv box.


Not sure the difference between the 4200SK model or the 4201UK model (perhaps Google it ?), but i would go with the 4201UK model where i am assuming it's a slightly newer version with some minor changes inside the box.

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