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Box turning off

My now tv box has started randomly turning its self on and off and the live chat is unavailable to ask them can any1 advise please ? 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Box turning off

Hi @Shaunamc

When you say randomly switches off, does your TV screen go blank and says something like HDMI no signal or the box keeps rebooting with the NowTV purple welcome screen ?

If it's the former then it could be a HDMI conflict with your TV, where i would try disconnecting both the power cable and HDMI cable on the box and then re connected the cables and switch back on the box to see if that resolves it.

Should it be the latter or something else, then check the power cable to the box and the adpator mains plug is connected properly and perhaps try step 6 first on this linked guide below and if a forced software update doesn't make a difference, then try a factory reset on the box by following step 2 on the help guide.

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