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Surely there is a NOW TV contact for help what on earth!!

Unreal I have sent this message 3 times and 3 times it has been bounced. Does anyone of have valid contact address for NOW TV. Just shows what horrible corporate monsters can do when they want to shut up shop!!:  
I would like to report a really disappointing experience with activating my stick.
I was unable to activate my free one month Sky Sports pass and I had to pay an additional £9.99 to watch the programme that I wanted to watch.
I plugged in my stick and followed all the instructions correctly. When It came to the point where I was given a code on the television (for my sky sports pass) I went to the NOWTV website on my phone. I put the code into my phone which seemed to be accepted. It then asked me to register as a new user or log in as an existing user. As an infrequent user in the past through my laptop I chose the existing user log in. Unfortunately the NOWTV website would not accept it on that account and asked me to click a button to take me to a help section. On choosing that option the website stated "Oops, something went wrong, that page isn't recognised"
I was then left in Limbo with no clear way to help me solve the problem. I didn't have the 30 day sky sports pass on the stick and was unable to pay for a 1 day pass as I had no account set up.
After an hour of trying to find a solution on the website I went back to the TV stick and found a factory re-set which I chose. That allowed me to obtain a new pass code (without my 30 day sky sports pass). Instead of making the same mistake twice I set up a new user account, put my bank details into it and that allowed me to pay £9.99 for a one day pass.
Can you please re-fund me the £9.99 I had to pay and can you enable me to obtain a 30 day Sky Sports pass that I have paid for?
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@Anonymous User 

In the link below you will find Live chat.



FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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The live chat button doesn't work!!

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@Anonymous User yes it does. Try a different browser.


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I have used both Chrome and internet explorer. No option from my iphone either 

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Hi thanks for that 


Unfortunately I have had no luck on my PC or my phone they are naughty corporate monsters aren't they just !!


Just states:


"Uh oh we are having trouble displaying this page"