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Re: Sorry, Now TV is currently unavailable

Simple just press the reset on you box.

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Re: Sorry, Now TV is currently unavailable

I was directed here by @schnapps from a different thread


I can't see why I must disable my Pi-Hole or whitelist some DNS servers to get this app to work on my Roku (Streambar).


  1. I don't get the option to opt-out of tracking, regardless if it's for "legitimate purposes" or to "improve the app" (this is a potential GDPR [UK] compliance issue).
    I don't even know what kind of information they are collecting, it is personally identifiable (IP, MAC, Location, etc), need some transparency?
  2. Why do I need to get served advertising in the first place, I am paying for the Now (TV) service.


If I don't get an option to opt-out I will just cancel my services with Now, this is unreasonable.

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Re: Sorry, Now TV is currently unavailable

On the fire stick go to settings> applications> manage installed apps> click NowTV and uninstall. 
Search for NowTV and reinstall and sign in 👍🏼