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White lines flickering all of screen whilst watching live TV and catch up

Hoping someone will be able to give guidance as live chat help is not working. 

I have had my smart tv box for over a year now. No problems apart from the occassional glitch now and again.


This evening I have come home to watch catch up TV and the whole TV screen is covered in white vertical/box type lines. It is not happening on the home screen or when the it is buffering/loading. It is making it impossible for me to watch the TV. 


I have tried restarting, unplugging, unplugging router also. Factory reset. It has not changed it. 


The only thing that has changed within my block of flats today is that virgin have wired in fast broadband connection. Could this being affecting my Now tv smart box??? Or is this a common issue and just a coincidence?? How to fix it? 


Hope someone can help and advise....



Jess x

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05/07/2019 and also having this issue..
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Me too.