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7 Day Trial

7 day "Free" Trail ended 9th May,   10th May Payments have been taken from my account for

TV £9.99 and £11.99 Movies !! with Next Payment due 9th June. 


Am i missing something here?   Am I paying in advance or is this a mistake ?   

It would appear i can't talk to a human only a pointless "NowBot",  whatever that is,  So how do i find out whats going off with charges. 


Now I know about getting Ripped off  (I've been with BT ) So hopefully someone can point me in the right direction      

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@Anonymous User did you cancel the membership renewal during the 7 day free trial?

Anonymous User
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Hi, i what to continue with TV only and have cancelled the Boost and Movie part.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Did you cancel the Cinema Free Trial within the 7 day trial window ?


If you left it after this window finished you would be charged £11.99 per month until you cancel the Membership.


Should you have cancelled the Cinema trial before the 9th of May i would have thought you would have received a cancellation email notification from NOW.


If you have this email and it's dated before or on the 9th of May then jump over to NOW live chat for a refund. 

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@Anonymous User 

As @Saint1976  asked did you cancel your memberships before the trial ends? Because the promotional offer is very clear, that you’ll get charged full price unless you cancel.


See screenshot below where it mentions auto renew



FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help