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NOW TV Smart Box Help

    What is the NOW TV Smart Box? The NOW TV Smart Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Freeview channels with no contract.   What’s the difference between the NOW TV Box a...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Freeview retune alerts

Hello everybody   This is just a heads up to make people aware that from February 2018 more Freeview retunes are happening.   The day in which you will have to conduct a retune will differ depending on your geographical location. Please see the artic...

7 Day Trial

7 day "Free" Trail ended 9th May,   10th May Payments have been taken from my account forTV £9.99 and £11.99 Movies !! with Next Payment due 9th June.  Am i missing something here?   Am I paying in advance or is this a mistake ?   It would appear i c...

“Sorry, something went wrong” error

I keep getting the “Sorry, something went wrong” error message - it happens every few minutes! I’ve turned off the power to the Now TV smart box, restarted the router and performed a factory reset - none of it worked. I’m still getting the “sorry, so...

Resolved! Lack of pictures when scrolling

Hi  I’ve been with NOW TV for about 3 months.the last 6 weeks I get the odd buffering but what annoys me even more is there’s nopictures!I can be scrolling through you tube ,Instagram even amazonthe first say 20 pictures come up.then each picture is ...

No sound on Amazon Prime app

I can't get any sound when I use the Amazon Prime app on my nowtv smart box.  All the other apps, including iPlayer and YouTube and Netflix work fine. I have three now TV smart boxes in the house and the other two are fine.  I cannot work out what th...

smart box loses internet connection

My NOW box will stop playing a film after about 20 minutes and returns to the main menu saying "internet connection lost" then 10 seconds later says connection found, when I use Netflix I have no bother with internet droping out, any idea's? 

Best of catchup - itv hub not working

Hi hoping someone will be able to help.  I am having the same problem on both my smart boxes.  Keep getting the message ‘ Error oops something went wrong. We are working on it ‘. This has been going on for at least a week.   System is up to date.  Ha...

Best of catch-up screen flashing tiles

Since the last update (box is now running 9.4.3 build 4079) the 'Best of Catch Up' screen now has flashing tiles, the NowTV logo flashes on on off and all the other tiles, e.g. Go to Now TV, Go to BBC iPlayer etc do likewise. None other categories ar...