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Emergence episode 3 is missing

Where is emergence episode 3


@Anonymous User 


Yeah, I noticed the missing episode as well, I guess it could be because there's something special in it, i.e. something that pushed the price up for Now TV.

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User @ukbobboy Emergence episode 3 isn’t due to be broadcast until Monday May3. So you’ll just have to wait. I know episode 4 is shown as being available on May 11, with no episode 3 in the list, but this is a common fault with programs on Fox. Episode 3 will appear, as if by magic, sometime around 9 - 11 pm on Monday.


@Mark_Weinreb  @Anonymous User 


Hi Mark


Thanks for that piece of info, I was initially suspicious because the same thing happened with Archer, an adult themed animated comedy series.


You see, one of the Archer series had an episode missing and, when I checked it out on IMDB, I found that a country singer sang one of his songs in that missing episode.  So I concluded that this particular episode must have attracted extra copyright fees, fees which Now TV did not want to pay.


OK then, if you are right, Emergence S01E03 will be available on 4th May.





UK Bob