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Can not play on Device?

I recently changed my box over as the original one had damage to it (my fault) so decided to get a other box.

However I thought it was an easy thing unplug one plug another in.

Been getting an error something like - can not play on Device, go to account settings etc. I've just been on and not all three devices (Now TV Boxes) are listed.

Can someone at NowTV jump in and solve this issue please? Even if we need to talk it through.


@Anonymous User


Hey C


I'm not Now TV, just a customer like yourself, but I have swapped out a faulty white box for a new black box and also swapped out that black box, passed it to my son, and installed a Roku 3, all done without any problems whatsoever.


OK, I don't know if you have installed the new box with your old boxes details, if you have not done so then this is the step you are missing.


Also, remember that when you setup the new box you have to put in your wi-fi/network password as well.


However, if you have done these steps already, and your new box still does not work, then you should contact help chat on the following URL.



UK Bob


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Thank you Ukbobby will look into all the above, looks like I may have to contact NowTV Service. The only issue I have is I don't have the SN number for the old device, I'm sure they could work out with the fact I have the other two boxes with their SN Numbers.

Darn Technology!
Anonymous User
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An update the Error Code is:

Any help would be great.
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Hi @Anonymous User


Contact live chat on the link page below, explain to them what's happened and ask them if they can reset all your devices (don't need the Serial Numbers of your devices).


Then start watching on your devices that you want to use where they will be automatically added to your account under My Account > Manage Devices (up to a maximum of four devices allowed).


Here's a link page below for live chat.