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Missing features in Kids section

I can't add Kids TV programmes to my watchlist.


Once I've watched a Kids TV episode, it doesn't show up on my "Things you're watching".


If I hover over a Kids TV episode, it won't show me what the episode title is, or what it's about.


Kids TV programmes used to have all of these useful features before the Kids channels got put into a seperate section . . . so they used to have these features, and now they've been removed! Why? Why would Now TV deliberately make something worse?!


I don't expect anyone from Now TV to read this and give me an answer. Nor do I expect anything to change. I'm just complaining because it makes no sense! Why take useful features away from the Kids TV programmes? Do you think children, and adults who watch children's TV shows, won't ever want to know which episodes they've already watched, won't ever want to find a specific episode, and won't ever want to add a show to a watchlist? It's a mystery why you would delete useful features! Why just from the Kids TV programmes? Do you hate children or something?!



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@Anonymous User  might be worth suggesting a My TV section within the kids app?  

Please take a moment to click thanks or marked as solution if this answered your question. I am a community contributor and pop on when I can.
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Thanks for your feedback @Anonymous User