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Kids film

There is a cartoon called animal kingdom which has inappropriate language I have been told to set my parental control but it's a pg,we have watched many pg films and never came across anything like this.gas anyone seen it.
Bout 30 minutes into the film.
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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


PG is the correct classification for that film, and PG films are allowed to contain mild bad language as long as it isn't aggressive or excessive. A useful resource to check on the rating and content of films if this is something you are particularly concerned about is the BBFC website. You can see the listing for the film here


There was some discussion on ratings and content on the forum a few days back. Out of interest would you prefer to be informed of such things as mild bad language, drugs references, threat and violence levels in films on NOW TV and if so how? Eg description in listings, announcement before film begins etc.


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Hi @Anonymous User,


I gave this a listen, and I think I know what you mean. When the main character says "If I put my arm in the air..." he does so very quickly, and at first I misheard something naughty too!


Fortunately, there's no actual bad language in that moment. And as @Andy has linked the BBFC website, even they describe the worst language that does occur in the film as "very mild".


Hope this makes sense - please let us know if this isn't the instance you're refererring to.