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Allow Roku Media Player to be installed on the NowTV boxes

Status: Open
by ukbobboy on ‎13-01-2017 10:50


Dear NowTV Team


Can you, or will you, allow the Roku Media Player to be installed on our NowTV boxes?


As far as I understand, it will immediately give the USB port functionality which can be readily used by box owners.  And all you would need to do is place the RMP in the App Store and possibly change it's name to either NowTV Media Player or just plain Media Player.


Also, could you place this post in the ideas section.



UK Bob

Status: Open
by cegm72
on ‎25-05-2017 11:09

What's the likelihood of this EVER being implimented? How many votes would it need to even be considered?

by Andy Legend 4
on ‎25-05-2017 11:33

@cegm72 Personally I reckon it will be more to do with how much Roku are willing to allow their features to be added to the NOW TV box rather than how much support is shown on here, the more features ported over from Roku boxes, the less likely people are to fork out more money for a Roku box. But as those decisions are out of our hands to influence, the best we can do is carry showing support on here and hope for the best.

on ‎21-07-2017 11:31

I will add my voice to this subject. It is not good enough to imply that all NOWTV sideloaders were/are criminals. We have suffered the indignation, we have accepted the function of the developer tool is removed and was apparently never intended for the end user (brilliant, here, have a fishing rod. What am i supposed to do with it? Anything except catching fish), and we are now politely requesting that an "offcicial" function should be added so that people can view home movies, family photo albums etc etc.

by MockingJay
on ‎02-09-2017 10:00

A happy new user of a Now TV Box, but still disappointed at the lack of a USB or SD media player.


The small print says I own the box, but the software is licensed. I get that. But if it's my USB socket and my SD card reader then why can't I use them?


Now that the sideloading option has been shut down, I think NOW are legally obliged to stop supplying non-functioning crippled hardware with no possibility of functionality. I think UK consumer protection legislation is clear on this. All goods must be fit for purpose and of merchantable quality, i.e, if a box comes fitted with a card reader then it must be capable of reading cards.


I would politely and respectfully ask NOW to consider this before someone decides to take this up with m'learned friends.





by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎02-09-2017 10:38
Status changed to: Open
by Hardman1
on ‎06-09-2017 10:21

You should be partners with Netflix,not rivals. Most people use both,so get it on the box! It would only reflect well for now tv. I also don't understand why yous remove great films,remove the pish ones. One last thing,why aren't there full collections of certain documentaries on entertainment like Ross Kemp: Extreme World? Remedy these issues and now TV would be even better.

by Saintofthesouth
on ‎13-09-2017 02:01

Please enable USB playback for the mk2 now TV box with USB port. I bought it partly for this reason as well as buying passes. Thank you.


by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎13-09-2017 03:04
Status changed to: Open
by MickGJ
on ‎18-09-2017 02:18

While this would obviously be great I can't see any reason why Sky would do this.  


The Now TV box is sold and marketed purely as a streaming device which allows paid access to Sky channels and some bonus free services such as iPlayer and Youtube.  Just because the device they use to implement  has an SD slot and a USB port doesn't place them under any obligation to make them usable.  Why would they?

by NOW TV Team Graham-S
on ‎18-09-2017 03:07
Status changed to: Open